Nora grey
Nora Grey
Character Information
First Appearance:
Created By:
  • Angel (by Patch)
  • Grey (by Scott)
  • Babe (by Vee)
  • Nephilm
  • Female
  • High School Student
  • Waitress
  • American
Hair Color:
  • Auburn
Eye Color:
  • Smokey Grey
  • 5'8ft
  • Harrison Grey (adoptive father)
  • Blythe Grey (mother)
  • Hank Millar (biological father)
  • Marcie Millar (half-sister)
  • Chauncey "Jules" Langeais (ascendant)
  • Vee Sky
  • Scott Parnell
Love Interest(s):
  • Patch Cipriano (boyfriend)

Nora Grey is the fictional protagonist of the Hush, Hush series by author Becca Fitzpatrick . She is a sixteen-year-old (seventeen as of 'Silence') high school student who, after experiencing a strange attraction to him, falls in love with a fallen angel .

Fictional BiographyEdit

Nora was born to Hank Millar, a descendant of a Nephilim , and Blythe Grey. In order to protect her, Hank gave her to Harrison Grey, a human who raised her as his own child.

At the age of sixteen, Nora met Patch Cipriano, a handsome and mysterious transfer student. She developed a strange attraction to him even though she realized Patch was dangerous. After many weird encounters, Nora learns that Patch is actually a Fallen Angel: a "bad" angel who was banished from heaven. He reveals that he enrolled in Nora's school just so he could kill her. If that were to happen, Patch would become human because Nora is a female descendant of a Nephilim. However, Patch's love for her is far greater and he decides to spare her life. The two then start a relationship and face the twists and turns that are thrown at them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nora is described as having curly, auburn hair that frames her pale face and smokey-gray eyes. She has long, slender legs that resemble the legs of a bar-stool. Nora is six inches shorter than Patch, who is 6'1", and is thus 5'8".

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